A Ralph Rip-off? Naw..just flattery

Now I know that when you start your own business (like me) the big guys (ahem...I ain't saying names, but this designer/mass producer of all things "americana" has taken over East Hampton New York with multiple stores) are likely to take your idea and copy or mass produce it. 

Case and point once again! 

While window shopping in East Hampton NY recently, I came across this framed toddler sailor suit in the Ralph Lauren store (oops. I didn't tell you that)...almost identical to the one in my collection shown at the NY Gift Fair a few months ago.  Hmmm...do you think when I met some of their team and they took photos of my booth I should have stopped them? Nope.  Imitation is not the worst thing.  They are not selling their artwork, but I am!  Check out my pieces in the Petrie Pint collection at  http://www.petriepointdesigns.com/toddler-boys/skipper/. I just got a ton more that I am going to post soon as well. Ahoy, mates!