Another reason to like J. Crew

O.K, so I have to admit it is kind of embarrassing to say I still shop at J. Crew and I am over the age of 40. However, Jenna Lyons has some serious style. Not to mention good taste in places to visit. Check out her shout out to Shelter Island on the J. Crew website. Also love that she has her kids toys in her bag.

August PPD Trunk Show on Shelter Island

This past month I was asked to participate in a wonderful Petrie Point Designs trunk show at my friend Nancy McCarthy's lovely beach-beautiful store, Bridge Street Gifts. Since I have been lucky enough to spend the entire summer on Shelter Island (yes, it was heaven) how could I resist? Nancy's store is filled with wonderful housewarming gifts, home decor items, and a huge array of things that you can pick up on the fly for that last minute hostess present (or just for yourself!). The event could not have been more fun. I met so many people who complimented (and bought!) some of my collection and got to re-connect with old friends who were kind enough to come by and support me and the store as well. It was an absolute pleasure. Here are some photos of the trunk show...if you weren't able to make it just contact me and I can send you more pics! Even the view was simply spectacular.

Viva July!

Sorry for being MIA lately, but come July we pack our bags, ditch the city and take off to our favorite place in the world: Shelter Island, NY. We are fortunate enough to be able to retreat to our beach home for the months of July and August and we don't really leave. Lots of swimming, play dates, beach, and activities that get my kids to sleep in.

Here are some fun shots from a recent local 4th of July parade near by. It truly is a step back in time to see the veterans, home-made floats, vintage cars/trucks, marching bands, and...gorillas on bikes? Don't ask. Even a little quirky-ness in a parade makes it that much more fun.

Hope your 4th was filled with lots of joy and laughter!

Buh-bye summer

Why is it that it takes forever for summer to get here and it leaves us so quickly?? The only thing good about the season ending is I have to force myself to take a break from BBQ's, Rose wine and ice cream.

I took this shot on my last day at one of my favorite beaches on Shelter Island: Wade's Beach. It is kind of a my homage to the sun setting on the season. Heavy sigh...

OK, so I've been slacking in the blogging dept...

Yep, I'm busted. Guilty. Got caught red handed.

I haven't been putting much on my blog, simply because I have been soaking up every last second of summer on Shelter Island. Long walks on the beach with my dog Popeye, endless swims with my kids and enjoying time with friends while while watching the sunset every night. I soooo don't want to go back to NYC, but all good things must come to an end...or do they?!?

In the meantime I have been looking for inspiration for my next collection to add to Petrie Point Designs. From re-vamping my website to adding lots of new colors, wool bathing suits, and amazing antique children's collectibles...I need to get cracking on storyboards.

I found this fantastic "inspiration board" piece and wish my creative thoughts could look as beautiful as this. Its like a work of art, no?!?

Macaroon Madness

I never thought I liked macaroons. That is until I walked from my house into the town of Shelter Island Heights with my dog one day a few years ago when he literally dragged me to an adorable storefront called "Mark it with G". The amazing smell coming from this adorable tucked away shop was the best thing that happened to me that day, besides eating some of owner Jessie's amazing confections. Their croissants are out of this world as well, and they have since expanded to a larger space and offer catering. So much for that bikini bod! 

Talented Tjasa

I am a person who needs to have constant inspiration and a "sunny" outlook from the moment I wake up to when I go to bed. It doesn't always happen (sometimes shaking the grumpy attitude takes more work than I can handle) but looking at beautiful artwork certainly helps. The coastal landscapes created by Tjasa (pronounced "Tee-asha") Owen certainly help me in feeling calm and happy. Tjasa is such a talented and kind person...and her work shines in any environment, since she draws from her personal experiences of time spent at the beach. Here is a photo of a piece we own and love placed above our fireplace in Shelter Island as well as a photo of her San Francisco studio. I encourage anyone to see her work either at one of her galleries or on her site at