Fun things happening at PPD

I will be the first to admit I have been the worst at writing on my blog. Why? Two kids, some home renovations, husbands new job, etc. etc. However, I am in the midst of updating the PPD website and have some exciting new pieces that will be added AS WELL as a new look and e-commerce. Hooray!

I have also been working with some my best clients who have been adding to their PPD collection. Take a peek at two custom pieces that I've just completed (in this picture, they are freshly framed and getting ready to be shipped). I loved the red and white vintage suit with the "YMCA Little Rock Swim Meet" badge against the red matte, and the wool number with the stars is so darling.

Stay tuned once again!

OK, so I've been slacking in the blogging dept...

Yep, I'm busted. Guilty. Got caught red handed.

I haven't been putting much on my blog, simply because I have been soaking up every last second of summer on Shelter Island. Long walks on the beach with my dog Popeye, endless swims with my kids and enjoying time with friends while while watching the sunset every night. I soooo don't want to go back to NYC, but all good things must come to an end...or do they?!?

In the meantime I have been looking for inspiration for my next collection to add to Petrie Point Designs. From re-vamping my website to adding lots of new colors, wool bathing suits, and amazing antique children's collectibles...I need to get cracking on storyboards.

I found this fantastic "inspiration board" piece and wish my creative thoughts could look as beautiful as this. Its like a work of art, no?!?

Ahoy, mates!

Just when I launched Petrie Point Designs, I received a call from a wonderful Boston interior design firm Gauthier-Stacy regarding an order for some of my pieces. They were hired to work on the soon to be newly built Great Harbor Yacht Club in Nantucket, Mass. Can you say "perfect fit?".  Although the club is still under construction yet soon to be open, they have started displaying some of my pieces and they look so clean, crisp and pretty. It may just make me road trip to Nantucket this summer (yeah...twist my arm). 

My appologies to CasaSugar!

Man do I feel as thought I was asleep at the wheel. One of my favorite sites "" posted a piece on Petrie Point Designs back in November, and I completely missed it!  It was such a kind mention and I love how the title of the article is "Apparel as Home Decor." So here it is...thanks CasaSugar and sorry I didn't see the posting the first time! 

Baby, You're a Star

There's something I love about the combined look a vintage bathing suit with a athletic twist. Three of my new pieces have been ones I keep going back to and considering just keeping for my personal collection. The orange and gray piece with the star would really "pop against a chocolate brown wall.  I also added a completely different and rare antique wool cycling shirt to my collection. "Bon Courage" as they say!