Feeling Blue

Maybe it's the weather. Or more likely just the overall need for more blue skies.

PPD has always been a fan of the crisp, clean blue and white combo. In fact at PPD we haven't been able to keep in stock any pieces that are blue and white. Our favorite is the two piece wool Big Sur piece (wish we had more than one, but then PPD wouldn't be "one-of-a-kind" would it?!?). We also like Georgica and the classic "Jantzen" swimmer logo that is so rare.

What do you think of the cool color palette that seems to be everywhere from Target to John Robshaw?

Getting "Glossy"

As a seasoned magazine marketing gal, I love to see new publications popping up on the web. The latest is quite simply superb.

High Gloss magazine's premiere issue just came out and it is everything I look for in a good read. Not only that, but it incorporates glamour, style, good deals, and modern inspiration into every page. I especially am drawn to HIgh Gloss since they say they are "all about the mix" which is something Petrie Point Designs embodies as well (i.e. our "memories made modern" tagline!).

So find your comfy chair, pull up your laptop and take a look at High Gloss. You will undoubtedly love it too.

Brand New Pair of Rollerskates

On such a terrible FRIGID day in NYC I needed a little comic relief. After hearing the song "Brand New Key" in a commercial recently it made me think of the boxes of old skates that were in my family's basement. Not the ones that lace up, but the ones that attach to your shoes. The nostalgia of them...from the distinctive scent of the leather straps to the sound of the skates hitting the pavement, the memory made me automatically in a good mood.

So did this YouTube video. I just love the "grainy" quality of it and the "acting." Hope you do too.

August PPD Trunk Show on Shelter Island

This past month I was asked to participate in a wonderful Petrie Point Designs trunk show at my friend Nancy McCarthy's lovely beach-beautiful store, Bridge Street Gifts. Since I have been lucky enough to spend the entire summer on Shelter Island (yes, it was heaven) how could I resist? Nancy's store is filled with wonderful housewarming gifts, home decor items, and a huge array of things that you can pick up on the fly for that last minute hostess present (or just for yourself!). The event could not have been more fun. I met so many people who complimented (and bought!) some of my collection and got to re-connect with old friends who were kind enough to come by and support me and the store as well. It was an absolute pleasure. Here are some photos of the trunk show...if you weren't able to make it just contact me and I can send you more pics! Even the view was simply spectacular.

Gimme Shelter

In this month's House Beautiful is a wonderful wood-filled home that exists on Shelter Island that belongs to british couple Harriet Maxwell MacDonald and Andrew Corrie. As a fellow resident of the bucolic island, I do like the simplicity of their home and the natural touches. They also own a fantasitc store called Ochre in my neighborhood in NYC so am wondering..how come I don't know these people? They seem like an amazingly talented and smart duo. Harriet and Andrew: would love to get to know you!

Fun PPD Display at Bev Cardo

Last weekend was the "season closer" of the fantastic store Bev Cardo in Quogue. Fortunately, I got to take some quick pix of the PPD pieces that are in the store. Not the best shots, but you get the picture.

Don't worry, Bev Cardo will be open again next summer. I do like the way they displayed both my adult and childrens bathing suits as well as sweet "dolly", the antique basque baby bathing beauty (say that five times fast!).

I am in the process of updating my website and adding new pieces to the collection and am very excited. Stay tuned for more!

Lilu Interiors

I recently worked with a fantastic design firm out of Minneapolis called "Lilu Interiors" who I have to say did a great job with some of my pieces. Recently posted on their blog, I love how they combined three very different PPD pieces on one wall next to a vintage print of some lovely swimming ladies back in the day...turns out I have the same print in my home on Shelter Island!

What do you think?

OK, so I've been slacking in the blogging dept...

Yep, I'm busted. Guilty. Got caught red handed.

I haven't been putting much on my blog, simply because I have been soaking up every last second of summer on Shelter Island. Long walks on the beach with my dog Popeye, endless swims with my kids and enjoying time with friends while while watching the sunset every night. I soooo don't want to go back to NYC, but all good things must come to an end...or do they?!?

In the meantime I have been looking for inspiration for my next collection to add to Petrie Point Designs. From re-vamping my website to adding lots of new colors, wool bathing suits, and amazing antique children's collectibles...I need to get cracking on storyboards.

I found this fantastic "inspiration board" piece and wish my creative thoughts could look as beautiful as this. Its like a work of art, no?!?

Joie de Vivre

Ever since coming back from our weekend getaway to Paris, I have been wondering why Americans (well, more specifically us New Yorkers) don't try to maintain a "civilized" lifestyle and be more like the French. Although it is unlikely I will be back in Paris any time soon, I can at least get escape with my trusty laptop and absorb some beautifully inspiring interiors by logging on to bellevivir.blogspot.com. J'adore the style, perspective and overall look of the blog, and also like that they gave PPD a tres bien mention.

Wisteria replicas?!?

As it turns out Wisteria is now selling framed sailor shirt that are REPLICAS of the real thing. God only knows why you would want a copy when you can have an original? Kind of cheap looking in my opinion (PPD's is the blue one). Glad Petrie Point Designs has a great selection of real antique and rare sailor shirts, dresses and tops. It's no wonder Wisteria's are on sale!

Shelterpop Rocks

If you haven't checked out Shelterpop.com yet, you just aren't "home and garden" savvy. Today they wrote an incredibly kind piece on Petrie Point Designs (I particularly like the suggestion for Anthropologie to take note!). Thank you Sheterpop!!