Brimfield or Bust!

Another May, another trip to Brimfield.

Despite the 3 hour drive, getting up before the sun, walking through dirty fields and fighting the crowds, Brimfield did not disappoint. The antiques, vintage clothing and cast of characters were all blast. Here are some highlight pics from what stood out (including some colorful vendors and playful patterns):

Not to mention the insanely affordable Danish mid-century "Risom-like" chairs, Chanel blouses, Cowhide chairs and couches, vintage french provincial arm chairs, and more. Seeing the occasionally random celebrity searching for some good finds (actor Josh Charles looking at Persian rugs? Really?)was fun, too. Finding a cheap copy of a PPD piece was kind of flattering as well but was overall I was happy to walk away with some new purchases that didn't break the bank.

Krak Addict


My name is Susan.

And I'm a Krak Addict.

Yes, I get high off of touching, feeling and hopefully one day owning a Reed Krakoff handbag. Ever since the multi-faceted Reed Krakoff branched off as the Creative Director at Coach and started his own line of women's ready-to-wear, handbags, shoes and jewelry I haven't slept, eaten or focused on anything else but RK.

This Spring Buck gazelle and burnished glovetan leather "Field II" bag makes me want to go to get my fix right now. Not to mention all of the pieces in his RTW line. Icing on the cake? Stella Tennant as his muse.

Don't suggest a 12-step program for me. I just want to wallow in my fantasy of one day owning something from RK.

And now, for your moment of zen...

I remember when my talented yogi cousin Margaret Maggard was just launching her yoga inspired jewelry line, Bhati Beads. I knew it would take off due to its "beachy" appeal, relaxed yet sophisticated look and tasteful design.

Fast forward to today when her line has been featured in multiple Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issues and worn by the SI models over the years...not to mention on the cover!

Margaret's jewelry incorporates hand-dyed silk with gold-filled and sterling beads, Nepalese prayer boxes, handcrafted fine jewelry, and my favorite: the coil bracelet with real Turquoise heishi beads and a 14K goldfill chain tassel. Who wouldn't feel like a Sports Illustrated swimwear model wearing one of these? OK, that may be a stretch. But you look very stylish and can at least get a bit of "ommm" without the sweat.

To order to go Bhati Beads now. It doesn't hurt to say "her cousin" sent you!

Anchors Away!

I am amazed that the whole nautical stripe trend is still everywhere you look. Even in the dead of winter, you can still find sweaters, kids stockings, and accessories that embody the classic yet updated look that has been so popular for over a year. It goes without saying that PPD loves the stripe-hype as we have written about it before. However we didn't know Petrie Point Designs offers inspiration to others who create style trends!

Talented stylist and DIY designer Erica Domesek has created a bit of a DIY empire with her "P.S. - I Made This..." blog and now, amazing book. Full of unique and fashion forward ideas on how to get the styles you love by making them yourself, Erica turns to many resources for inspiration. Little did we know PPD would be one resource!

Check out the book in bookstores and on Amazon. Also check out the PPD mention!

Another reason to like J. Crew

O.K, so I have to admit it is kind of embarrassing to say I still shop at J. Crew and I am over the age of 40. However, Jenna Lyons has some serious style. Not to mention good taste in places to visit. Check out her shout out to Shelter Island on the J. Crew website. Also love that she has her kids toys in her bag.

I can SEA clearly now...

When I lived in San Francisco I loved either weekend or overnight getaways in either Sonoma, Mendocito, or Lake Tahoe. Any opportunity to be in a peaceful environment after a long work week was the perfect panacea for this city girl. Two places that I have been dreaming about lately are Costanoa and and Sea Ranch.

Costanoa is one different camping experiences I have ever encountered in the U.S. From its fabulously stocked general store to the Frette linen-lined fabulous deluxe tent bungalows (we ain't talking summer camp here...there is electricity and heat and simple yet chic interiors) that are set near the water it is such a breathtaking experience and takes "roughing it" to a whole new level. Even the out house is nice. Great for families or just to escape it all by yourself, if you are looking to take scenic Highway One to great getaway locale, this is it.

As for Sea Ranch, when I think of a tranquil escape that clears your mind Sea Ranch comes up first and foremost. Located on the Sonoma-Mendocito coast, between the massive redwoods and grassy bluffs Sea Ranch is so pretty. As one of the first eco-communities the accommodations are set so close to the water and cliffs that is is breathtaking. Bring some clams to put on the fire, good wine and friends and you have a recipe for rejuvenation.

Now for my shameless plug...wouldn't a Petrie Point Design piece look fabulous in either locale???

Sunny Disposition

I love to get inspiration when looking for new style ideas. If it is for PPD, my home, my personal style, or for clients I get excited when I find something that not only brightens my day but makes me smile. Elva Fields is a collection of some of the most beautiful one-of-a-kind vintage jewelry that I have come across this year. Please check out her wares. The only dilemma is I want to own some of the pieces, but they are all sold out! Hopefully designer Emily Wheat Maynard will make more...pronto!

Gotta Hand it to Handey

I recently met a woman who was a rather "strong critic" of my work. She liked PPD, but had some interesting suggestions on how to improve the collection. Framing your daughter's bat mitzvah dress from the 90's isn't exactly the direction PPD is headed, but let me just say this person should take the advice of Jack Handey of old "SNL" days. It made me think of the best quote ever:
Before you criticize someone, you should walk a mile in their shoes. That way when you criticize them, you are a mile away from them and you have their shoes."

Maybe I should have been the one doing the "critiquing" that day. Yet, I wouldn't of wanted her nasty shoes.

Recipe for Nostalgia

Holy deliciousness!

Two things I love (that have very little correlation, until now): a relatively healthy morning muffin and the few iconic storefronts in my neighborhood. The old Vesuvio Bakery, now "Birdbath" bakery has answered my prayers.

Originally an 89 year old bakery with a coal burning oven, when Vesuvio closed it doors about a year ago the outpouring of sympathy was felt and displayed on its doorfront for quite some time. Enter Maury Rubin, who was able to resurrect the incredible store into a "green bakery" that has some of the most fantastic muffins and cookies that are organic and tasty. Not only if the food good, but Mr. Rubin kept the facade of the older establishment (I can recall many fashion shoots taken in front of the bakery back into the 80's) and gave the interior a very homey face-lift.

Despite some old school residents who feel that nothing could replace Vesuvio, I am rooting for Birdbath. If you are ever in NYC stop by. It's worth it just to walk past a historic site and satisfy your sweet tooth at the same time.

The perfect Xmas gift for


One of the editors from my beloved and very missed Domino magazine has created a new online mag at I can't tell you how much I miss Domino, and although it isn't a direct replication, it is pretty darn close to the editorial content (and supporting advertisers...pretty impressive roster). I will keep my eye on the online mag and hope it continues to bring the creativity and chic flair that only Domino did so well.

Fun things happening at PPD

I will be the first to admit I have been the worst at writing on my blog. Why? Two kids, some home renovations, husbands new job, etc. etc. However, I am in the midst of updating the PPD website and have some exciting new pieces that will be added AS WELL as a new look and e-commerce. Hooray!

I have also been working with some my best clients who have been adding to their PPD collection. Take a peek at two custom pieces that I've just completed (in this picture, they are freshly framed and getting ready to be shipped). I loved the red and white vintage suit with the "YMCA Little Rock Swim Meet" badge against the red matte, and the wool number with the stars is so darling.

Stay tuned once again!

Hip, hip, Hydrangea!

Now that my favorite flowers in my back yard on Shelter Island are fading (sigh), I have to find more Hydrangeas elsewhere. Low and behold a great design inspiration blog called "Blue Hydrangea" that is spectacular! What's more is they featured Petrie Point Designs work on the site earlier this month. I am so glad they chose to show the miniature/toddler Yale boxing gloves. So fun. Thank you, Blue Hydrangea!

So long Smith & Hawken

Another great resource bites the dust (or should I say has been destroyed by the weeds, was in need of get the pun). One of my favorite West Coast based home and garden stores and websites is closing its doors. Smith and Hawken has shut down its website and is liquidating its merchandise. Some stores still exist, so if you run (not walk) to one of their locations you might be able to find these wonderful outdoor architectural lights that are currently on sale. They are great for any outdoor summer party.

So sorry to see you go S & H!

A real cliff hanger

I am a sucker for any home on the Pacific Coast, but think this Big Sur "calming retreat" featured in Architectural Digest in 2004 is simply beautiful. The fantastic cliffside, view of the north across the western elevation and craftsmanship truly embodies "California Dreaming."

The other image (also from Architectural Digest) is not only death-defying but calming at the same time. How did designer Linda Garland create this giant "baby cradle" in Ubud on Bali? I think the river would lull me to sleep very easily.