Ohdeedoh rocks

I know this is not the most recent press, but I have to give a huge thanks to Ohdeedoh.com for this mention.  This is one of my favorite pieces that sold so quickly, and part of me wishes I kept it for my daughter's room at the beach. However, I have lots more toddler suits that I've got to get cracking on finding the right matte and frame! 

Baby, You're a Star

There's something I love about the combined look a vintage bathing suit with a athletic twist. Three of my new pieces have been ones I keep going back to and considering just keeping for my personal collection. The orange and gray piece with the star would really "pop against a chocolate brown wall.  I also added a completely different and rare antique wool cycling shirt to my collection. "Bon Courage" as they say! 

Wondering where Pottery Barn got their inspiration?

I was at first shocked when I opened up a recent Pottery Barn catalog (at the nail salon no less...almost smudged my new summer shade of polish completely!) and saw they are selling shadow boxes and used a VINTAGE BATHING SUIT as a suggestion!  Funny how the picture is exactly what PPD offers, but since our frames are high-quality and customized (not mass made) AND the pieces are very difficult to find (especially the coveted rare suits) I need not worry. 

In the end, I guess imitation if the most sincere form of flattery!!