Take a Chance

While walking around my neighborhood looking for new PPD inspiration (ok, maybe just an excuse for window shopping) I ventured East and stopped dead in my tracks when I saw a new shoppe that is about to hit NYC. Chance is a "dream come true" to me in so many ways. A breath of fresh air, an escape out of the city, a classic yet hip array of merchandise with a philosophy right up my alley. The pop-up shop (soon to open) features the most simple, chic espadrilles, striped t-shirts and beach wear. The store layout is very tasteful and I encourage you to check them out (Thurs- Sun in May and June, 211 Elizabeth Street, Nolita) if you are in NYC. Needless to say they are very "PPD-esk" and can't wait to shop there.

And now, for your moment of zen...

I remember when my talented yogi cousin Margaret Maggard was just launching her yoga inspired jewelry line, Bhati Beads. I knew it would take off due to its "beachy" appeal, relaxed yet sophisticated look and tasteful design.

Fast forward to today when her line has been featured in multiple Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issues and worn by the SI models over the years...not to mention on the cover!

Margaret's jewelry incorporates hand-dyed silk with gold-filled and sterling beads, Nepalese prayer boxes, handcrafted fine jewelry, and my favorite: the coil bracelet with real Turquoise heishi beads and a 14K goldfill chain tassel. Who wouldn't feel like a Sports Illustrated swimwear model wearing one of these? OK, that may be a stretch. But you look very stylish and can at least get a bit of "ommm" without the sweat.

To order to go Bhati Beads now. It doesn't hurt to say "her cousin" sent you!

Getting "Glossy"

As a seasoned magazine marketing gal, I love to see new publications popping up on the web. The latest is quite simply superb.

High Gloss magazine's premiere issue just came out and it is everything I look for in a good read. Not only that, but it incorporates glamour, style, good deals, and modern inspiration into every page. I especially am drawn to HIgh Gloss since they say they are "all about the mix" which is something Petrie Point Designs embodies as well (i.e. our "memories made modern" tagline!).

So find your comfy chair, pull up your laptop and take a look at High Gloss. You will undoubtedly love it too.

Designer Duo and Daughters Digs to Love

My very first PPD piece that was sold was to a very kind client who was giving a gift to her talented interior designer, Darren Hennault. The client wanted to get something for Mr. Hennault's newly born twin daughters, Bunny and Lulu (how great are those names?!?). She chose one of my antique silk and hand crocheted bonnets that I called "Pearl" (see image).

Although Darren and his partner have since moved from their original home downtown to the Upper East Side of Manhattan, I loved seeing a profile of there new home in an old New York Magazine that I have saved. The aesthetic is so magnificent, and I adore their girls room. I hope the PPD piece made it to their new home!

What do you think?

Anchors Away!

I am amazed that the whole nautical stripe trend is still everywhere you look. Even in the dead of winter, you can still find sweaters, kids stockings, and accessories that embody the classic yet updated look that has been so popular for over a year. It goes without saying that PPD loves the stripe-hype as we have written about it before. However we didn't know Petrie Point Designs offers inspiration to others who create style trends!

Talented stylist and DIY designer Erica Domesek has created a bit of a DIY empire with her "P.S. - I Made This..." blog and now, amazing book. Full of unique and fashion forward ideas on how to get the styles you love by making them yourself, Erica turns to many resources for inspiration. Little did we know PPD would be one resource!

Check out the book in bookstores and on Amazon. Also check out the PPD mention!

Another reason to like J. Crew

O.K, so I have to admit it is kind of embarrassing to say I still shop at J. Crew and I am over the age of 40. However, Jenna Lyons has some serious style. Not to mention good taste in places to visit. Check out her shout out to Shelter Island on the J. Crew website. Also love that she has her kids toys in her bag.

Gimme Shelter

In this month's House Beautiful is a wonderful wood-filled home that exists on Shelter Island that belongs to british couple Harriet Maxwell MacDonald and Andrew Corrie. As a fellow resident of the bucolic island, I do like the simplicity of their home and the natural touches. They also own a fantasitc store called Ochre in my neighborhood in NYC so am wondering..how come I don't know these people? They seem like an amazingly talented and smart duo. Harriet and Andrew: would love to get to know you!

Recipe for Nostalgia

Holy deliciousness!

Two things I love (that have very little correlation, until now): a relatively healthy morning muffin and the few iconic storefronts in my neighborhood. The old Vesuvio Bakery, now "Birdbath" bakery has answered my prayers.

Originally an 89 year old bakery with a coal burning oven, when Vesuvio closed it doors about a year ago the outpouring of sympathy was felt and displayed on its doorfront for quite some time. Enter Maury Rubin, who was able to resurrect the incredible store into a "green bakery" that has some of the most fantastic muffins and cookies that are organic and tasty. Not only if the food good, but Mr. Rubin kept the facade of the older establishment (I can recall many fashion shoots taken in front of the bakery back into the 80's) and gave the interior a very homey face-lift.

Despite some old school residents who feel that nothing could replace Vesuvio, I am rooting for Birdbath. If you are ever in NYC stop by. It's worth it just to walk past a historic site and satisfy your sweet tooth at the same time.

Going to the dogs

Now that fall is in full-swing, getting back into the daily "grind" is that much easier with a good cup of coffee. Simply by living in downtown NYC I have a gazillion choices, but only two places in my neighborhood make the cut as having some of the best Java in town: Local and Grey Dog Coffee.

Local is a no brainer for me. Craig and Liz (the married couple who own the shop) are pretty much the coolest couple on the block, and their store attracts a great cast of neighborhood characters (that is Murray the dog in the photo drinking coffee...he is my kids favorite and it outside every day) as well as some A list celebs (sitting next to Daniel Day Lewis and Mary Louise Parker-- who all know Craig from his other career of being an actor--is sure to wake you up). Their coffee is just the right strength and is so flavorful. We buy bags of it (named after the local streets in our neighborhood) to make at home, but it's more fun to get it from the shop.

Grey Dog's Coffee is an older favorite, but still does a fantastic job for a coffee on the go. There is such a laid-back vibe there, and up until about two years ago you could actually bring your dog inside, but now there is a great place to tie a leash and let your pet have some samples of their delish muffins and scones. Its a fun place for brunch, too.

Now if I could just get the trick of juggling two lunch boxes, a stroller and a large latte while navigating the streets of NYC every morning....

Fun PPD Display at Bev Cardo

Last weekend was the "season closer" of the fantastic store Bev Cardo in Quogue. Fortunately, I got to take some quick pix of the PPD pieces that are in the store. Not the best shots, but you get the picture.

Don't worry, Bev Cardo will be open again next summer. I do like the way they displayed both my adult and childrens bathing suits as well as sweet "dolly", the antique basque baby bathing beauty (say that five times fast!).

I am in the process of updating my website and adding new pieces to the collection and am very excited. Stay tuned for more!

Summer flew by

Yeah, yeah....summer's over. You're tired of reading about how I moan about the warm days that are now behind us.

Now I just have the pictures to remind me of what a great season it was. As I rush to get out the door in search of new pieces for the PPD collection, I look at this picture and laugh. It's a reminder of how I need to "slllloooooowwww down" every now and then, and not "jump" to get things done. Moments after this shot was taken, bandaids were required.

Lilu Interiors

I recently worked with a fantastic design firm out of Minneapolis called "Lilu Interiors" who I have to say did a great job with some of my pieces. Recently posted on their blog, I love how they combined three very different PPD pieces on one wall next to a vintage print of some lovely swimming ladies back in the day...turns out I have the same print in my home on Shelter Island!

What do you think?

Hip, hip, Hydrangea!

Now that my favorite flowers in my back yard on Shelter Island are fading (sigh), I have to find more Hydrangeas elsewhere. Low and behold a great design inspiration blog called "Blue Hydrangea" that is spectacular! What's more is they featured Petrie Point Designs work on the site earlier this month. I am so glad they chose to show the miniature/toddler Yale boxing gloves. So fun. Thank you, Blue Hydrangea!

OK, so I've been slacking in the blogging dept...

Yep, I'm busted. Guilty. Got caught red handed.

I haven't been putting much on my blog, simply because I have been soaking up every last second of summer on Shelter Island. Long walks on the beach with my dog Popeye, endless swims with my kids and enjoying time with friends while while watching the sunset every night. I soooo don't want to go back to NYC, but all good things must come to an end...or do they?!?

In the meantime I have been looking for inspiration for my next collection to add to Petrie Point Designs. From re-vamping my website to adding lots of new colors, wool bathing suits, and amazing antique children's collectibles...I need to get cracking on storyboards.

I found this fantastic "inspiration board" piece and wish my creative thoughts could look as beautiful as this. Its like a work of art, no?!?