And now, for your moment of zen...

I remember when my talented yogi cousin Margaret Maggard was just launching her yoga inspired jewelry line, Bhati Beads. I knew it would take off due to its "beachy" appeal, relaxed yet sophisticated look and tasteful design.

Fast forward to today when her line has been featured in multiple Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issues and worn by the SI models over the years...not to mention on the cover!

Margaret's jewelry incorporates hand-dyed silk with gold-filled and sterling beads, Nepalese prayer boxes, handcrafted fine jewelry, and my favorite: the coil bracelet with real Turquoise heishi beads and a 14K goldfill chain tassel. Who wouldn't feel like a Sports Illustrated swimwear model wearing one of these? OK, that may be a stretch. But you look very stylish and can at least get a bit of "ommm" without the sweat.

To order to go Bhati Beads now. It doesn't hurt to say "her cousin" sent you!

Fun PPD Display at Bev Cardo

Last weekend was the "season closer" of the fantastic store Bev Cardo in Quogue. Fortunately, I got to take some quick pix of the PPD pieces that are in the store. Not the best shots, but you get the picture.

Don't worry, Bev Cardo will be open again next summer. I do like the way they displayed both my adult and childrens bathing suits as well as sweet "dolly", the antique basque baby bathing beauty (say that five times fast!).

I am in the process of updating my website and adding new pieces to the collection and am very excited. Stay tuned for more!

The Parisians know how to flea... in "market" that is. I was so in awe of the most famous flea market in Paris called Porte de Clignancourt, officially called Les Puces de Saint-Ouen, but known to everyone as Les Puces (The Fleas). Not only were the finds over the top "incroyable" but the culture, attitude (with the slight exception of a few unkind French hagglers) and scenery were all worth the trip. I fell in love with some of the children and infant collectibles/toys/clothing. Even the tiny temporary store fronts were stunning. From the ivy covered entry of one vendor to the antique toy metal airplane, lace baby stroller and (who'd a tought) a rattan woven motorcyle my feat took a beating but it was worth it. Do you think I got carried away with my obsession of wheeled objects?!? I am very excited to add some of my finds to the Petrie Pint Designs collection. Stay tuned!

Je suis fatique...

...oh but so worth it. Got back from Paris last night and can't believe we made it to the Flea Market, had amazing meals AND walked all over the city (thank god for the good french espresso) in just two days. More on that later....

THANK YOU to Cool Mom Picks for their fantastic write up on Petrie Pint Designs today! Truly kind, and anyone can take part in the discount offered so step right up, friends! Go to to see the mention.

Keeping Afloat

Alright, I've had it up to HERE with the rain in NYC! I am starting to look and feel like the Gorton's Fisherman everyday I walk outside. I practically need to put floatation devices on my children. It made me think of the vintage "Junior Torpedo" floaties I have in my PINT collection that I adore. I don't think they would hold up in the torrential downpours on the East Coast, but they look pretty darn cute on a wall. I love the children graphics and "directions" on the site including “learn to swim with the Junior Torpedo Float. Makes swimming safe and enables everyone, even the most timid, to learn the art of swimming — unaided. Desirable for beginner and expert — protects from danger and cramps.”

You think they will cure PMS???