Feeling Blue

Maybe it's the weather. Or more likely just the overall need for more blue skies.

PPD has always been a fan of the crisp, clean blue and white combo. In fact at PPD we haven't been able to keep in stock any pieces that are blue and white. Our favorite is the two piece wool Big Sur piece (wish we had more than one, but then PPD wouldn't be "one-of-a-kind" would it?!?). We also like Georgica and the classic "Jantzen" swimmer logo that is so rare.

What do you think of the cool color palette that seems to be everywhere from Target to John Robshaw?

Anchors Away!

I am amazed that the whole nautical stripe trend is still everywhere you look. Even in the dead of winter, you can still find sweaters, kids stockings, and accessories that embody the classic yet updated look that has been so popular for over a year. It goes without saying that PPD loves the stripe-hype as we have written about it before. However we didn't know Petrie Point Designs offers inspiration to others who create style trends!

Talented stylist and DIY designer Erica Domesek has created a bit of a DIY empire with her "P.S. - I Made This..." blog and now, amazing book. Full of unique and fashion forward ideas on how to get the styles you love by making them yourself, Erica turns to many resources for inspiration. Little did we know PPD would be one resource!

Check out the book in bookstores and on Amazon. Also check out the PPD mention!