Joie de Vivre

Ever since coming back from our weekend getaway to Paris, I have been wondering why Americans (well, more specifically us New Yorkers) don't try to maintain a "civilized" lifestyle and be more like the French. Although it is unlikely I will be back in Paris any time soon, I can at least get escape with my trusty laptop and absorb some beautifully inspiring interiors by logging on to J'adore the style, perspective and overall look of the blog, and also like that they gave PPD a tres bien mention.

Au Revoir, Mon Ami!

Talk about the expression "spontaneity is the spice of life"... 24 hours ago my husband and I were walking our dog on the at Sunset Beach in Shelter Island, and now we are in Paris for the weekend! OK, that sounds overly "jet-setter-ish". Let me explain.

My husband had to come her for a quick work meeting and it happened to work out that I could go with him. No kids, no worries (well, except a little bit of guilt for leaving the family) and aside from jet lag, we are feeling pretty lucky and excited. I just opened up the french door windows and stepped outside my room to see the Eiffel Tower but had to retreat quickly in fear that I was channeling Michael Jackson (you know the moment...when he dangled his infant over the hotel bannister).

Most importantly I have been DYING to go to the Paris Flea market for so long, and now I can go and search out more inventory for PPD! If any one has any good suggestions for the flea market, please send those comments right away.

Pinch me. Or just hate me.