I can SEA clearly now...

When I lived in San Francisco I loved either weekend or overnight getaways in either Sonoma, Mendocito, or Lake Tahoe. Any opportunity to be in a peaceful environment after a long work week was the perfect panacea for this city girl. Two places that I have been dreaming about lately are Costanoa and and Sea Ranch.

Costanoa is one different camping experiences I have ever encountered in the U.S. From its fabulously stocked general store to the Frette linen-lined fabulous deluxe tent bungalows (we ain't talking summer camp here...there is electricity and heat and simple yet chic interiors) that are set near the water it is such a breathtaking experience and takes "roughing it" to a whole new level. Even the out house is nice. Great for families or just to escape it all by yourself, if you are looking to take scenic Highway One to great getaway locale, this is it.

As for Sea Ranch, when I think of a tranquil escape that clears your mind Sea Ranch comes up first and foremost. Located on the Sonoma-Mendocito coast, between the massive redwoods and grassy bluffs Sea Ranch is so pretty. As one of the first eco-communities the accommodations are set so close to the water and cliffs that is is breathtaking. Bring some clams to put on the fire, good wine and friends and you have a recipe for rejuvenation.

Now for my shameless plug...wouldn't a Petrie Point Design piece look fabulous in either locale???