Brimfield or Bust!

Another May, another trip to Brimfield.

Despite the 3 hour drive, getting up before the sun, walking through dirty fields and fighting the crowds, Brimfield did not disappoint. The antiques, vintage clothing and cast of characters were all blast. Here are some highlight pics from what stood out (including some colorful vendors and playful patterns):

Not to mention the insanely affordable Danish mid-century "Risom-like" chairs, Chanel blouses, Cowhide chairs and couches, vintage french provincial arm chairs, and more. Seeing the occasionally random celebrity searching for some good finds (actor Josh Charles looking at Persian rugs? Really?)was fun, too. Finding a cheap copy of a PPD piece was kind of flattering as well but was overall I was happy to walk away with some new purchases that didn't break the bank.

Brimfield Bonanza!

Just got back from Brimfield, 
Massachusetts last night after attending the Antique show there. 

WOW is all I can say. The variety was great, and people were actually buying...including me! I got a ton of great things for the new PPD collection (and also knocked out some amazing gifts for friends and family). Here are some pictures of items I LOVED but didn't buy (and could kick myself). I went "ga ga" over the unique chairs, use of my favorite color orange and late 60s/early 70s shapes and styles in tons of great furniture. I actually got in a cat fight with a nasty woman who stole a chair from me (bad kharma for her) but got over it in finding so many other things.  

The ultimate hightlight? Seeing "Jill Zarin's gay husband Brad" from Housewives of NYC.  It was too much!