Recipe for Nostalgia

Holy deliciousness!

Two things I love (that have very little correlation, until now): a relatively healthy morning muffin and the few iconic storefronts in my neighborhood. The old Vesuvio Bakery, now "Birdbath" bakery has answered my prayers.

Originally an 89 year old bakery with a coal burning oven, when Vesuvio closed it doors about a year ago the outpouring of sympathy was felt and displayed on its doorfront for quite some time. Enter Maury Rubin, who was able to resurrect the incredible store into a "green bakery" that has some of the most fantastic muffins and cookies that are organic and tasty. Not only if the food good, but Mr. Rubin kept the facade of the older establishment (I can recall many fashion shoots taken in front of the bakery back into the 80's) and gave the interior a very homey face-lift.

Despite some old school residents who feel that nothing could replace Vesuvio, I am rooting for Birdbath. If you are ever in NYC stop by. It's worth it just to walk past a historic site and satisfy your sweet tooth at the same time.