Buyer Bulimia Beware

On this mornings Today Show was a story on "shopping bulimia" that I found a bit eye-opening. What is "shopping bulimia" you ask? It is a condition in which one feels compelled to buy items in order to feel better, but then ends up returning them due to guilt.

Do you suffer from this awful ailment? I think I do. Here are five warning signs (don't worry, you are not alone if you experience any of the following!):

1. Shopping to ease depression and anxiety.
2. Damaging perfectly good products and telling elaborate stories so retailers will accept returns.
3. Feeling euphoria and excitement after a purchase is made, followed by extreme buyer's remorse.
4. Buying pricey luxury items for social events with the intention of later returning them for refunds.
5. Having high expectations for how you should live your life, without the cash flow to maintain such a lifestyle.

Ugh. One more disorder on my checklist. Guess I better find a "shopping anonymous" program in my neighborhood. It better not be located in between Miu Miu and Barney's or I'm a gonner.