Introducing Petrie Point Designs INTERIORS

It's been a long, long time and I have crawled out of my blog betrayal and into the social media light. I am very excited to announce that Petrie Point Designs has been busy expanding from our PPD custom pieces to offering interior design services as well! Our projects are pretty fab. From a Westhampton historic beach house to an urban family home, our clients have been so much fun and open to great design. Stay tuned for updates but here is a sneak peak of my new fave things that I can't get enough of (eclectic, vintage and uber chic if you ask me...all rolled into one). /Users/Susan/Pictures/iPhoto Library/Masters/2015/04/28/20150428-141758/IMG_2009.JPG

Take a Chance

While walking around my neighborhood looking for new PPD inspiration (ok, maybe just an excuse for window shopping) I ventured East and stopped dead in my tracks when I saw a new shoppe that is about to hit NYC. Chance is a "dream come true" to me in so many ways. A breath of fresh air, an escape out of the city, a classic yet hip array of merchandise with a philosophy right up my alley. The pop-up shop (soon to open) features the most simple, chic espadrilles, striped t-shirts and beach wear. The store layout is very tasteful and I encourage you to check them out (Thurs- Sun in May and June, 211 Elizabeth Street, Nolita) if you are in NYC. Needless to say they are very "PPD-esk" and can't wait to shop there.

Brimfield or Bust!

Another May, another trip to Brimfield.

Despite the 3 hour drive, getting up before the sun, walking through dirty fields and fighting the crowds, Brimfield did not disappoint. The antiques, vintage clothing and cast of characters were all blast. Here are some highlight pics from what stood out (including some colorful vendors and playful patterns):

Not to mention the insanely affordable Danish mid-century "Risom-like" chairs, Chanel blouses, Cowhide chairs and couches, vintage french provincial arm chairs, and more. Seeing the occasionally random celebrity searching for some good finds (actor Josh Charles looking at Persian rugs? Really?)was fun, too. Finding a cheap copy of a PPD piece was kind of flattering as well but was overall I was happy to walk away with some new purchases that didn't break the bank.

Feeling Blue

Maybe it's the weather. Or more likely just the overall need for more blue skies.

PPD has always been a fan of the crisp, clean blue and white combo. In fact at PPD we haven't been able to keep in stock any pieces that are blue and white. Our favorite is the two piece wool Big Sur piece (wish we had more than one, but then PPD wouldn't be "one-of-a-kind" would it?!?). We also like Georgica and the classic "Jantzen" swimmer logo that is so rare.

What do you think of the cool color palette that seems to be everywhere from Target to John Robshaw?

Buyer Bulimia Beware

On this mornings Today Show was a story on "shopping bulimia" that I found a bit eye-opening. What is "shopping bulimia" you ask? It is a condition in which one feels compelled to buy items in order to feel better, but then ends up returning them due to guilt.

Do you suffer from this awful ailment? I think I do. Here are five warning signs (don't worry, you are not alone if you experience any of the following!):

1. Shopping to ease depression and anxiety.
2. Damaging perfectly good products and telling elaborate stories so retailers will accept returns.
3. Feeling euphoria and excitement after a purchase is made, followed by extreme buyer's remorse.
4. Buying pricey luxury items for social events with the intention of later returning them for refunds.
5. Having high expectations for how you should live your life, without the cash flow to maintain such a lifestyle.

Ugh. One more disorder on my checklist. Guess I better find a "shopping anonymous" program in my neighborhood. It better not be located in between Miu Miu and Barney's or I'm a gonner.

Krak Addict


My name is Susan.

And I'm a Krak Addict.

Yes, I get high off of touching, feeling and hopefully one day owning a Reed Krakoff handbag. Ever since the multi-faceted Reed Krakoff branched off as the Creative Director at Coach and started his own line of women's ready-to-wear, handbags, shoes and jewelry I haven't slept, eaten or focused on anything else but RK.

This Spring Buck gazelle and burnished glovetan leather "Field II" bag makes me want to go to get my fix right now. Not to mention all of the pieces in his RTW line. Icing on the cake? Stella Tennant as his muse.

Don't suggest a 12-step program for me. I just want to wallow in my fantasy of one day owning something from RK.

And now, for your moment of zen...

I remember when my talented yogi cousin Margaret Maggard was just launching her yoga inspired jewelry line, Bhati Beads. I knew it would take off due to its "beachy" appeal, relaxed yet sophisticated look and tasteful design.

Fast forward to today when her line has been featured in multiple Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issues and worn by the SI models over the years...not to mention on the cover!

Margaret's jewelry incorporates hand-dyed silk with gold-filled and sterling beads, Nepalese prayer boxes, handcrafted fine jewelry, and my favorite: the coil bracelet with real Turquoise heishi beads and a 14K goldfill chain tassel. Who wouldn't feel like a Sports Illustrated swimwear model wearing one of these? OK, that may be a stretch. But you look very stylish and can at least get a bit of "ommm" without the sweat.

To order to go Bhati Beads now. It doesn't hurt to say "her cousin" sent you!

Today's Forecast: Sunshine!

It's time.

Stash your sweaters.
Ditch your down.
Say "ugh" to your "Uggs."
Goodbye to your gloves.

We need a good dose of sunshine around here, and we decided to get inspired by highlighting one of our favorite interior designers: Palmer Weiss Design.

Palmer injects color and life into everything she pulls together. Not to mention, she herself is an incredibly sunny person and uber talented.

Her southern roots combined with her bright and cheery touches make me want to re-consider any neutral or bland furnishings.

Love, love, love!

Getting "Glossy"

As a seasoned magazine marketing gal, I love to see new publications popping up on the web. The latest is quite simply superb.

High Gloss magazine's premiere issue just came out and it is everything I look for in a good read. Not only that, but it incorporates glamour, style, good deals, and modern inspiration into every page. I especially am drawn to HIgh Gloss since they say they are "all about the mix" which is something Petrie Point Designs embodies as well (i.e. our "memories made modern" tagline!).

So find your comfy chair, pull up your laptop and take a look at High Gloss. You will undoubtedly love it too.


What to do on an overcast day in NYC?

Grab my cup of Joe, get clothes on the kids and jump in a cab to the Flatiron District and check out the Pulse Contemporary Art Fair. Pulse is a leading U.S. art fair (held also in Miami) that is dedicated solely to contemporary art.

There is nothing like teaching a 4 and 6 year old about creativity. Not to mention my 30 something husband! Maybe we will all embrace our inner Warhol.

My Daily Dose of Sunshine

It's a given....I am a warm weather-woman.

I don't like summer. I LOVE summer.

During the "soon-to-be-behind-us" season there was one drink I got hooked on that made me feel sunny inside. No, it didn't have vodka or rose as main ingredients.

It is Vita Coco.

I swear by this electrolite-boosting Brazilian drink. It is so insanely yummy and so good for you. And here is the bonus...the Vita Coco with Pineapple tastes like a Pina-Colada. Hello?!? Delish and nutrish? I could drink them all day and love that I don't get a hangover after downing one too many.

Try it.


Alright, I admit it. I so wanted the Farrah Fawcett hair when I was a little girl. Not to mention the body attached to that iconic, gorgeous head of hair. All my brother wanted was the famous poster that sold millions of copies of Farrah in her red bathing suit.

Although neither of us got our wishes, we can now take a trip to Washington D.C. and view the actual bathing suit that truly put Farrah on the map. The Smithsonian got a donation from longtime companion Ryan O'Neal of (you guessed it) Farrah's swimsuit today. It will be part of the museum's popular culture history collection.

Not only does that make me feel like a fossil, but it makes me want to take a drip to our nation's capital to check it out.

Brand New Pair of Rollerskates

On such a terrible FRIGID day in NYC I needed a little comic relief. After hearing the song "Brand New Key" in a commercial recently it made me think of the boxes of old skates that were in my family's basement. Not the ones that lace up, but the ones that attach to your shoes. The nostalgia of them...from the distinctive scent of the leather straps to the sound of the skates hitting the pavement, the memory made me automatically in a good mood.

So did this YouTube video. I just love the "grainy" quality of it and the "acting." Hope you do too.

Designer Duo and Daughters Digs to Love

My very first PPD piece that was sold was to a very kind client who was giving a gift to her talented interior designer, Darren Hennault. The client wanted to get something for Mr. Hennault's newly born twin daughters, Bunny and Lulu (how great are those names?!?). She chose one of my antique silk and hand crocheted bonnets that I called "Pearl" (see image).

Although Darren and his partner have since moved from their original home downtown to the Upper East Side of Manhattan, I loved seeing a profile of there new home in an old New York Magazine that I have saved. The aesthetic is so magnificent, and I adore their girls room. I hope the PPD piece made it to their new home!

What do you think?

Anchors Away!

I am amazed that the whole nautical stripe trend is still everywhere you look. Even in the dead of winter, you can still find sweaters, kids stockings, and accessories that embody the classic yet updated look that has been so popular for over a year. It goes without saying that PPD loves the stripe-hype as we have written about it before. However we didn't know Petrie Point Designs offers inspiration to others who create style trends!

Talented stylist and DIY designer Erica Domesek has created a bit of a DIY empire with her "P.S. - I Made This..." blog and now, amazing book. Full of unique and fashion forward ideas on how to get the styles you love by making them yourself, Erica turns to many resources for inspiration. Little did we know PPD would be one resource!

Check out the book in bookstores and on Amazon. Also check out the PPD mention!

Another reason to like J. Crew

O.K, so I have to admit it is kind of embarrassing to say I still shop at J. Crew and I am over the age of 40. However, Jenna Lyons has some serious style. Not to mention good taste in places to visit. Check out her shout out to Shelter Island on the J. Crew website. Also love that she has her kids toys in her bag.